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Masakazu Endo

We would like to express our deep gratitude for everyone’s support and encouragement over the years. LONGLIFE was founded in 1986 with the goal of establishing nursing care services for a 21st century society in which seniors now account for a large share of the population. Since its inception, LONGLIFE has been a pioneer in developing ideas about how new nursing care services should be provided in anticipation of the needs of the times. In line with our management philosophy, we have consistently provided services that impress our customers so much that they say ‘LONGLIFE can help us even with things like this!’ We promise that we will continue to be a company that makes a real contribution both to our customers and to society in the years to come.

A Record of Many Accomplishments

Over the past few years, the LONGLIFE Group has made significant progress in building a solid foundation for growth. Three highlights were the opening of Long Life Kyoto Arashiyama in December 2012, the March 2013 establishment of PT. Jababeka Longlife City - a joint venture with Jababeka in Indonesia - and the establishment of the education and training company Long Life Casita Co., Ltd. in April 2013.

After 2013, the outlook for the operating environment was encouraging. Signs of a recovery of the Japanese economy were emerging as the yen weakened and stocks climbed, mainly in response to government economic measures and monetary easing. In the nursing care sector as well, there were expectations for growth as this has been a key element of the government’s new growth strategy.

One of our goals at this time was to provide in-home nursing care services in more areas of Japan, especially near Tokyo. This is why our wholly-owned subsidiaries L Care Co., Ltd. and L Care Higashinihon Co., Ltd. were merged on January 1, 2014. Combining these companies made in-home nursing care businesses more efficient and raised public awareness by increasing the scale of operations.

In 2014, we were determined to generate steady results at the Indonesian operations that we started in April 2014. In addition, we continued to export and increase sales of “the spirit of providing the ultimate in services” in markets that required the high-value-added, high-quality services offered by the LONGLIFE Group. And we have continued to grow by taking these actions.

Employee training principles

The LONGLIFE Group has identified three factors that are essential to supporting customer satisfaction: “culture and environment”; “pleasant spaces”; and “high-quality healthcare”. In today’s rapidly changing world, in which the yardsticks of corporate performance are shifting from quantitative to qualitative measures, we feel that our principles are now even more truly in demand than ever before.

We believe that the most important element in being able to fulfill the Group’s role of providing high-value-added, high-quality services is employee training. Our employees have tremendous capabilities and we think that it is essential that the Group make use of these capabilities to maximize its own potential as an organization. To achieve this goal, we train each and every employee on the basis of the spirit that has survived and remains strongly present from the time the Group was founded. This training provides them with the opportunity to maximize their potential to contribute to the Group’s success.

Furthermore, because the Group believes that people are its most important asset, it describes them not as “human resources” but as “human treasures”.

Message for shareholders

We shall continue to make ceaseless efforts to create new, value-added services so as to continue to provide high-value-added, high-quality services to our customers, shareholders, employees, and to society both in Japan and worldwide. We are strongly committed to improving our business performance and protecting the environment.

I ask for your support as the LONGLIFE Group continues to make progress toward accomplishing our goals.